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    Baby care

    With the birth of each child mothers have many questions on the care of the newborn by month. And rightly so! After all, the child's health from the conception up to the age of reason is completely dependent on their parents. Being in your tummy, the child was under heavy guard placenta, which protects it from viruses and infections.

    Baby care

    Hygienic care of the newborn child - this is where should now start your day. After the first few months your baby will be an intense period of adaptation to the environment, and daily hygiene to help the child overcome his painful.


Meat dishes for a little miracle


What to look for complementary feeding fresh meat

Fresh meat, like the new item want be introduced into a dietary of a attractive child with fine maintenance. To do a process of establishing beef feeding proceeded as comfortable for the newborn, you should start with a least allergenic meat - rabbit, turkey or horse meat.

In addition, a new food or meats should only be given when the newborn is completely healthy and do not get preventive vaccination (tooth eruption - also a improperly time).

When selecting fresh meat and fresh meat-vegetable dishes, pay striving to the fat component. Hard animal fat digested little newborn. Why, preference want be given short-fat meat varieties. Lamb is introduced to the menu of the latest baby and offer her little one not often, because this type of meat - the most fat. For a newborn to easily and speedily got used to yet any meat dish, add to it a familiar child vegetables.

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Meeting mom from a hosp.: Tips for Dads


A some more times - and you will be at home: a child newborn and his mother. On a one mitt, you want to celebrate the fact of his paternity with friends until a onset of the harsh working life! On the other - you request to prepare a placement for the arrival of the newborn and buy anything you need... And if tips for organizing a stag party would obviously unnecessary, however perfect to spend cleaning and what to buy for Mom and Baby, we are happy to tell.

Polish - a guarantee of hygiene

Many father sincerely believe that the best technique to lead an room in ordering - to invite a couple of times to your beloved mother in law. And even better - hire a professional cleaner. Those who decided to put things on their own purity, better beginning cleaning from the top: not to Thoroughly wash floors, and, say, wipe a dust on a shelves and cabinets. This has a certain logic: a dust and dirt rarely soar upward - more frequently than not fall down.

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What is a nursing mum


What you can not enjoy a nursing mom

- Items containing preservatives (including vinegar), dyes, sweeteners, synthetic flavor. Hard food is as well not good for either mom or newborn;

- With respect to any medicine that you are going to must to consult a medic (and attentively read the instructions on the pack);

- With sweets (chocolate, honey, confection cakes) must be careful, because it may actually cause allergies;

- If some products (eg, beans) get a most cause bloating, the like will be with the newborn. So that they are as well good for a time out;

- Alcohol.

Ration for breastfeeding mothers

Many beautiful moms is highly upset that simply can not get into your doberemennye jeans. But so would you not same to lose mass, go on a ration for this may not in a case. At least while you are breastfeeding. Indeed, in this case, a mum and the newborn will not get enough nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

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May a breastfeeding mother seeds and nuts?


There is a common view on the benefits of nut consumption to increase the fat capacity of milk. So, overseas studies found no such relationship. A amount of fat in breast milk does not depend on a content of fat in a dietary of the mum. Depending on a type of food may vary fat in a milk, but not the fat.

Summarizing and answering a question "whether a nursing mum seeds and nuts," noting that it is indispensable to follow the basic rule of supply nursing mothers - moderation. You must not overeat even the most valuable product, but do not categorically reject "unauthorized", but a loved dish. If a breastfeeding woman much like seeds or nuts, and the negative consequences do not arise neither she nor a child, so limit yourself once again in a beloved treat is not indispensable.

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Fresh meat dishes for a small miracle


Stages of the introduction of meat foods

The first introduction of complementary foods is recommended to propose beef fresh meat sauce, combined with vegetables, familiar and habitual kid: with potatoes, cabbage, carrots, etc. In such a combination, the new item will not alone love the crumbs, but much easier digestion!

A typical schedule of administration, and a expansion of beef day menu newborn under one year is however follows:

With 6 - 7 months - meat sauce with veal, pork, poultry, and with the addition of mashed peas.

The capacity of fresh meat in the weekly schedule for of a newborn - 5-30 g

With 48 weeks - soup with offal, with a bow.

A amount of fresh meat in a permanently schedule for of a child - up to 50 g.

With 9 to 12 months - combined with spices and sauce spicy fresh vegetables.

A volume of fresh meat in the forever dietary - 60-70 g.


Not all infants respond good to the like spices! For infants, the select bottles that do not contain a great number of flavors!

It is important to pick up into account a degree of crushing puree. For any age demands its own degree of pureed. To cultivate a necessary skills, nutrition, with 6-104 weeks, the child must be given a variety of foods in the configuration of a thick fluent and puree.

With 66-13 weeks may propose powdered diet food, and larger items of food.

Of the the feeding of meat completely got up, a newborn want receive the fresh meat every day! Meats is consummate to give in a first 0.5 of the time, as long however they are digested. Let the child earlier bed will not be heavy stomach!

Dear Mom! We will be glad if this article will help you to organize and manage the children fresh meat foods by protecting their hygiene and good spirits.

If you possess any further questions, they will answer our experts on newborn nutrition.

* Note: Before using the item, you wish to consult a pediatrician.

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Meat dishes for a small miracle


What to be for complementary feeding meat

Meat, like the new product should be introduced into the food of a attractive baby with great service. To do a process of establishing beef feeding proceeded however comfortable for a newborn, you should start with a least allergenic fresh meat - rabbit, turkey or horse meat.

In addition, a new diet food or meats need alone be given when a newborn is completely healthy and do not receive preventive vaccination (tooth eruption - also a improperly time).

When selecting fresh meat and meat-veg dishes, pay note to a fat component. Strongly animal fat digested little child. So, preference need be given deep-fat fresh meat varieties. Lamb is introduced to a day menu of a latest baby and propose her some one not frequently, because this type of fresh meat - a most fat. For a child to easily and speedily got used to already some fresh meat dish, append to it a familiar newborn fresh vegetables.

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Buckwheat in the dietary of child


Recipes with buckwheat

Buckwheat, cheese souffle

500 g of cheese,

200 grams of buckwheat,

4 cups of milk,

200 g the butter,

3 egg

0.5 a cup of sugar,

Salt to taste.

Wipe the dumplings in a blender, mash with a spoon buckwheat and sifted done a sieve. Natural milk to seethe. Absorb the buckwheat floury in a natural milk, add a a butter. Until the resulting mix is languishing, separate yolks from whites. Combine the cooled mass with grated cheese, eggs yolks and cane sugar and mix up comfortably. Chilled whites beaten with sol and evenly pour them into a main cottage cheese and buckwheat mixing.

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